Woven Alpha, Isuzu, Hino Explore Use Of Automated …

Woven Alpha, Isuzu, Hino Explore Use Of Automated …

Woven Alpha, Inc. (“Woven Alpha”), a group company of Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. and Toyota Motor Corporation subsidiaries Isuzu and Hino have announced on Tuesday an agreement to proceed with talks to utilise the Automated Mapping Platform (“AMP”) developed by Woven Alpha.

AMP is a connected crowdsourced software platform that supports the creation, development and distribution of high definition (“HD”) maps―a key enabler for smart and safe automated mobility.

The Woven Alpha team plans to develop AMP to become the most globally comprehensive road and lane network HD map platform enabling high-precision localization support to automated driving vehicles.

Isuzu and Hino with the aim of realising smarter and safer logistics through automated driving and Advanced Driver Assistance System (“ADAS”) using HD maps, said it would examine the potential application of AMP in the domain of small commercial-purpose trucks.

Toyota stated that AMP will provide high-precision data-driven maps by utilising vehicle fleet data and advanced satellite imagery technology.

The AMP HD map includes several layers of data-rich information of road objects such as lanes, road signs, traffic lights, and other objects, as well as that of road curves and topography creating an accurate representation of the road while keeping it updated.

Toyota with Isuzu and Hino announced that the initiative aims to contribute to the dissemination of safer automated driving and ADAS with Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation intends to accelerate CASE responses

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