Seyi Shay Says Fans Are Pressuring Her To Get Mar…

Seyi Shay Says Fans Are Pressuring Her To Get Mar…

Seyi Shay recently disclosed that she is being pressured by fans to get married and have children.

The petite singer who was recently seen in a video clashing with fellow artist Tiwa Savage made the disclosure while chatting with Hip TV, stating that it was her fans who made her release raunchy images on social media.

She said, “I feel pressure from my fans to get married, have babies, have a boyfriend; that is all before the pressure to release a new single sometimes. That is really crazy. Pressure to show some more butt pictures. The pressure is high, but it is good.”

Seyi Shay | Image Source: InstagramSeyi Shay | Image Source: Instagram

On how she handles fan pressure, Seyi Shay noted that it makes her “gingered”, that she doesn’t get burned out, and that she doesn’t tend to overdo things.

“It is part of what keeps me gingered as well. I don’t burn myself out, and I do not overdo things”, she quipped. “I have a lot of music because I am always recording.

“Throughout the whole pandemic, I moved the studio to my house, and I was recording with my guys. I did not want to release just anything because I put a lot of thought before I release music out.

“I do not just put music out because somebody is putting music out and I will feel like I will be left behind if I don’t. I never do that.”

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