Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

Getting Search Engine Traffic
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It seems as if you are doing everything right, yet your monthly unique visitors have never exceeded 1,000, and just a few of your articles get traffic from search engines. The fact that each of your articles does not get between a few hundred and a few thousand search visitors per month indicates that you are not doing anything correctly. Listed below are nine reasons why your website isn’t obtaining as much traffic from search engines as it might be receiving.

You’re not writing something

When writing a blog piece, the first step is to determine what readers are interested in learning about. It would be like starting a business without first doing market research to see what products people want to buy before launching it. Take a look at Ahrefs or SEMRush to find out what keywords people are searching for in your industry.

You aren’t creating pieces.

In a similar vein, after you have identified the keywords that people are using, you must create content that is specifically customized to those phrases. If you’re having difficulties coming up with catchy headlines, portent provides a free tool to help you get some inspiration.


There are no keywords in the headlines of your articles. When it comes to search traffic, your title is the most important component of your article. When you search for anything on Google, the phrase you’re searching for is always there in the headline, and in most cases, it is present in its whole and at the top. For a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is used to produce all of the most popular internet sites, WordPress is often referred to as the best website-building platform available. In addition, people who make use of it urge others to do so as well.

Having a properly coded website is essential, and WordPress will take care of everything. Is the information on your website well-balanced in terms of length and density? A lack of content on your website may have a negative impact on your search engine optimization results. In addition, it suggests that you have less to offer your visitors than your competitors have.

It is not necessary to write hundreds of pages of text to accomplish this. In this instance, quality takes precedence over quantity. Make certain that the material you’re producing is up to grade and that it provides your users with the answers they’re looking for. In order to determine if your content marketing is spammy, search engines use complex algorithms that can detect it. When doing research and generating content for your website, keep the following points in mind. What stage of the buyer’s journey is the user now in? Is it that they’re looking for a solution to a question, doing product research, or making a buying choice at this time?

Do you know whether it is feasible to crawl the website?

In certain cases, it is possible that Google will be unable to find your website. If that’s the case, it’s something you’ll want to get to the bottom of as quickly as possible.

Crawling’ a website’s pages on a regular basis is how Google indexes a website’s pages. Ensure that your sitemap has been created and indexed, as well as that Google has been requested to crawl your site if your site is not being indexed. What are the telltale signals that your website has been indexed by search engines? Enter’site:[yourdomain]’ into the search box on Google and click on ‘Search’. A good example is a website A list of all of the pages that Google has crawled and indexed will be shown after that.

Is there any potentially harmful code on the website?

Perhaps you are entirely ignorant that your website has been compromised with malicious malware. This is becoming more common on major PHP-based platforms such as WordPress. Someone may have gotten access to your website via the use of WordPress (or one of the several plugins that are available to users) and installed code with less than honorable intentions. If Google detects anything similar to the items listed above, your website will suffer a significant ranking penalty as a result.

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