Microsoft Outlook On iOS Gets Dictation Feature Fo…

Microsoft Outlook On iOS Gets Dictation Feature Fo…

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the availability of a voice dictation feature for email, search and calendar invites in Outlook for iOS.

Microsoft stated that the new feature will make the voice a much more significant part of the Outlook experience. Starting with the iOS version of the software (Android to follow), the user’s voice can be used to dictate emails, schedule meetings and conduct searches.

This is coming to Microsoft nearly two years after Cortana personal assistant has allowed users to listen to emails that land in their Outlook mail inbox.

To access Outlook’s new potentials, tap the plus icon floating above the app’s main navigation bar and then press the “Use Voice” prompt. You can ask Cortana things like “When’s my next team meeting?” or for more complex requests like “Set up a meeting with Jill and her team for next Monday about the Q1 budget.”

When you’re scheduling an event, you can also ask the assistant to add specific individuals to the invite. It’s even possible to use Cortana to add attachments to your emails, and the speech-to-text tool allows you to both respond to emails and writes new ones.

Powering a lot of the functionality is Microsoft’s Graph tool, which provides the assistant with context when it needs it. That information allows Cortana to do things like spell the names of your co-workers correctly when you mention them in an email.

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