Lessons From Blog Posts That Send Me The Most Traffic

Send Me The Most Traffic
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Anyone may go to a website and make a purchase. Make a purchase, learn something, be delighted with, or do something entirely different, whatever it is that inspires you. Your website’s traffic will increase as a result of your ability to satisfy customers’ needs. There is no need to spend a lot of time on Facebook likes or enhancing my search engine rankings if I want to produce high-quality material. Among the most popular pieces on IncomeDiary, these are some of the most essential lessons. We were surprised to discover that a lot of people like reading lists.

In 35 of my top 50 articles, the first word is followed by a number. When I write, I want to make it as enjoyable to read as possible for myself. It is easier for me to digest new knowledge if I can summarise it since I am dyslexic. This is why I believe I am so adept at making lists. The time spent on your site by a visitor may be extended if you provide links to other sites. There are links to more than a dozen other websites in four of the top five articles on this site. Time spent on these products was likewise much longer than the average amount of time spent on other goods.

Don’t be afraid to express your appreciation for others by making an effort to connect with them. You’ll have a better chance of getting someone to accept your recommendation if your reader likes the website you’ve recommended.

The success or failure of an article may be determined by the title that it is assigned. My greatest 50 blog entries reveal one thing: a title can make or break an article, no matter what it is about. Go to the store and peruse the magazines for inspiration if you can’t think of a headline for your piece. If you’re going to write on a certain topic, rename your articles to reflect that. Planning your content strategy might be aided by doing keyword research. While attempting to locate relevant search terms,

Content developers and SEO experts both employ keyword research when developing new pieces of content. Google and other search engines help consumers find what they’re searching for by allowing them to type in specific keywords and phrases. The majority of newbies depend on educated assumptions when it comes to content creation. As you can expect, the outcomes of this method are hit-or-miss.

If you utilize the “best guess” technique, your content has a high probability of failing to rank highly in search engines like Google. If no one is searching for the terms you selected, or if there is too much competition for the keywords you selected, then this is the result you should expect to get.

Plan out your editing job in advance.

A steady stream of publications is anticipated to be released. Almost certainly, you will come up with a slew of blog article ideas after doing keyword research. Newcomers may be daunted by the sheer number of keywords accessible and give up their search altogether. To avoid this from happening in the future, we propose adopting an editorial calendar (a game plan). Make sure to keep in mind that no significant blog has ever been created in one day.

Building a successful blog takes time and work.

To help you build and execute your strategy, you may want to create and stick to an editing schedule. Asana and Trello are just two of the many great programs that are accessible. These tools provide a wide range of capabilities that help you perform at your best in every circumstance. You want to improve your productivity by being more organized, having a bird’s eye perspective of your approach, and doing this.


One of the best ways to keep your website’s content management system (CMS) and your blog on the same domain is to have them both integrated. As the number of indexed pages on your website grows, so does the authority your website gains in the eyes of the major search engines. Using Google Search Console’s data might help you keep tabs on the status of your website crawling.

A subdomain like may be used to host a subdomain of your blog on an external platform, which redirects to your blog. You are starting from fresh in terms of SEO, despite the fact that this new subdomain has no prior content authority with search engines. While it may take longer to get high Google rankings in this situation, you should make every effort to ensure that your website appears in search results as quickly as feasible.

To ensure that blog readers can easily find the most important parts of your website, it’s crucial that you utilize calls-to-action (CTAs) to send them to particular web pages on your site, as discussed in the next sections. You may accomplish this in a few ways.


Your website and/or blog visitors, as well as Google, appreciate content providers that post on a regular basis. In order to establish your credibility and grow your audience, decide how often you’ll provide new content (daily, weekly, bimonthly, etc.).

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