‘I Almost Ran Mad During My First Pregnancy’ – Uch…

‘I Almost Ran Mad During My First Pregnancy’ – Uch…

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has revealed how she was abandoned and and the mental stress she faced when she had her first pregnancy.

The actress, who was recently thrown a surprise baby shower by her friends and colleagues, via Instagram, said that she felt so alone and uncared for and almost lost her senses.

Ogbodo then blasted those who are not happy and can’t rejoice with her to stay away. She, however, praised her baby daddy, Bobby Maris, for his support. She also declared that she would choose him one million times.

It has been rumoured that Ogbodo got married to her ex-husband, Apo Arthur in 2013 with whom she welcomed a baby girl in 2014.

In an interview with Legit, the actress debunked rumour that she was once married. According to her, she had tried to correct the notion that she was once married but gave up because no one listens to her.

She said, “Really, I’ve tried to correct that shade for a very long time. I have even told you, we even had a fight about it because I don’t know where they got this notion from and all the while I’ve tried to correct it, nobody wants to listen. So, I’ve decided to let them be like I always let everything be, that’s why I keep saying to you the media has a way of doing their stuff and I don’t like dragging issues too much. They have decided in their heart that I’ve married, in fact, they have married me to one man that I don’t know.”

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