‘Hustle o Make You No F**k Your Mama Age-mate Beca…

‘Hustle o Make You No F**k Your Mama Age-mate Beca…

Nigerian video vixen, Cossy Orjiakor has claimed that her former lover has “been chilling with a 48-year-old divorced woman with four kids”.

In an update on her known Instagram page on Friday morning, the busty entertainer insinuated that her one-time romantic partner settled for a much older woman “for food and shelter”.

“Story story …….. was chilling at @mm_lounge_andboutique bar just now… yeah… the fidelity bank building at badore Ajah. Guess who I saw…. my Ex..,” Orjiakor wrote.

“Darm with his looks I expect him to be with a governor’s daughter but dude been chilling with a 48-year-old divorced woman with 4 kids.

“For food and shelter see what Lagos house rent has caused. Anyway, hustle ooo make u no fk ur mama age mate because of food and shelter.

“Also pls single mums, always makes sure u let ur baby daddy acknowledge ur kids … so ur sons won’t be pussy when they grow up lol… imagine him coming to my table to great my friends hmmmm.  arrant nonsense.”



Late last year (2020), Orjiakor’s German fiance, Abel Jurgen, called off his relationship with her. He hinged his decision on getting teeth bites from the 36-year-old whenever she is drunk.

It is not yet clear if it was Jurgen Orjiakor is referring to.

Orjiakor, widely known for publicly displaying her boobs (most times partly unclad) came to the limelight after featuring in a music video by popular Fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere.

In 2015, she produced her first film, Power girls, under her production company Playgirl pictures.

Cossy’s boobs have become legends in the entertainment space and she has been touted by many as “Nollywood’s queen of boobs.”

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