Gary Neville slams Premier League’s punishment for Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham

Gary Neville slams Premier League’s punishment for Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham

Gary Neville has slammed the Premier League over its punishment of the Super League clubs.

The saga that saw Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool agree to join a proposed Super League which allowed clubs to qualify for the competition every year without ever having to actually qualify, is now all-but over.

Almost all of the clubs involved decided to pull out, leaving Barcelona and Real Madrid in their attempts to reshape football, but punishments still needed to be dished out.

As part of that, the Premier League today announced that all six of the English clubs involved have collectively agreed to pay £22million towards the good of the game.

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It has been confirmed the money will be put towards community projects and grassroots football rather than being distributed among the remaining 14 clubs, and there has also been a deterrent put in place for any future Super League pans.

Clubs have been told the fine will raise to £25million and they will be hit with a 30-point deduction if they attempt to start the project back up.

But with the fine accumulating for less than 1% of the big six’s revenue, one of the biggest critics of the Super League, Neville, has slammed the punishment many have described as weak.

He said on Twitter in response to the news: “An absolute embarrassment”.

The summer window is officially open, and it’s going to be tough to keep up with the comings and goings in and out of the Emirates.

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That’s a sentiment many fans may echo with the Super League threatening to derail the game as we know it, causing panic among many clubs and leagues.

The six English clubs involved should have no problem paying the fine and they will swiftly put the saga behind them as they search for other ways to increase their already eye-watering revenues.

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