Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett’s Wedding Rings Revealed

Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett’s Wedding Rings Revealed

It’s officially official! Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett are wife and husband

Fans might recall how earlier this month the WandaVision star let it slip that she has a husband. Now, in new photos of the actress and her man out in New York City, fans can see the gold bands that helped seal the deal. In the shots, the pair was walking hand in hand, but fortunately, did not conceal the rings on their left hands signifying their Mr. and Mrs. status. 

If you missed the moment Olsen casually dropped the news, she was chatting with The Flight Attendant star Kaley Cuoco for Variety‘s Actors on Actors series when she uttered the important word. 

“I’m in a bathroom,” she told Cuoco. “I’ve been in the U.K. for seven months, and I got back two days ago, and my neighbor is doing so much construction to their backyard. I can still hear it and I’m in the furthest bathroom.”

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