Beware, Viral WhatsApp Message On Free Money, Fore…

Beware, Viral WhatsApp Message On Free Money, Fore…

A piece of information has been circulating on cross-platform centralized messaging service, WhatsApp, listing some of the benefits of registering free of charge for the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as ‘free N50, 000 cash from the Federal Government of Nigeria’, as well as a free trip to the United Kingdom (UK).

The message, which started spreading on May 20 2021 quickly went viral.



-Free N50,000 cash from FG
-Certificate of Incorporation
-Legal Liability Protection
-Free International Trade
-Free Trip to UK
-Reputation With Customers
-Getting on FG Record.


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The note links to a basic web page titled C.A.C online registration.

Text on the page reads: “Federal gorvernment has approved, registration of CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION {C.A.C} Online, Registering your business is the first step to getting your business structured, Individuals with self employed are hereby adviced to register for thier business with CAC, When you register your business, customers trust you because they see you as legit and reliable, There are varities of bonuses for every one who got thier C.A.C certificate too e.g, Free N50,000 from Fg to boost up your registered business…”

It adds: “All self employed citizens are hereby advised to enroll for their C.A.C registration Online REGISTERED So Far, 107670 Nigerians Have registered and gotten thier Bussiness accreditted. ENROLL NOW and Follow Instructions.”

It then asks for the user’s name, email address, phone number, name of business, and address.

Lower on the page is a visual of CAC Registration.

cac registration

free cac registration

cac nigeria


But does this emanate from the Federal Government of Nigeria? We checked.

CAC registration

In Nigeria, the institution responsible for business registration is the CAC – the country’s corporate registry. CAC is an autonomous body established in 1990 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act. The federal agency is charged with the responsibility of regulation and management of companies in Nigeria.

The Federal Government of Nigeria sometime in 2020 said it is giving out free business name registration to 250,000 businesses – not all enterprises.

The concept was under its CAC Scheme in partnership with the MSME Survival Fund program.

The FG had said: “Pleased to announce that we have hit a milestone of 100,000 Business Names registered free of charge by CAC Nigeria as part of the Survival Fund NG.

“Registering these existing and new businesses brings them into the formal economy, with benefits for the Government and the businesses.”

Not a government domain; no record of N50, 000 cash from FG, free international trade, gratuitous trip to UK, etc 

The “C.A.C ONLINE REGISTRATION” web page is suspicious for several reasons.

First, its internet address – – doesn’t contain the federal government’s domain. And if the page is left open in a browser for some minutes, it redirects to unassociated websites such as a self-proclaimed gospel blog.

The spelling is poor: “GORVERNMENT” for government and “BUSSINESS” for business. Howlers like this are a sign that a website is bogus.

There is no record of such benefits of CAC on relevant Nigerian government websites. AllNews went through the ministry websites for information and culture and the CAC, and found nothing.

And once a user has entered their information and gone through several further steps, they are only able to download the supposed C.A.C certificate if they share the site with 15 contacts or five groups on WhatsApp.

cac registration free 2021

Some devious comments can also be sighted which apparently are there to get unsuspecting public to be conned.

CAC asks people to disregard the message

Reacting via its known social media pages, on Twitter and Facebook, the CAC asked the public to ignore the message.

According to CAC, it is “not a party to it”.

CAC Nigeria


The message is a scam, as is the website.

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