2023: Senate Moves To Amend The Use of Card Reader

2023: Senate Moves To Amend The Use of Card Reader

A bill currently in the Senate has passed through the first reading. The bill seeks to make use of Card Readers compulsory for the accreditation of voters.

The bill which is titled, “Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill, 2021”, was sponsored by Senator Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru (Osun Central).

The bill seeks to amend Section 47 of the Electoral Act by inserting a new section “47(2)”.

The new section will alter the period for accreditation and voting as well as provide for the compulsory use of card readers for accreditation.

The bill also proposed to make provision for separate periods for accreditation and voting, adding that accreditation will commence by 8 am and close by 1 pm.

If the proposal scales through, voting will now commence immediately after accreditation.

However, “this is without prejudice to the fact that all voters who are already on the queue by 1:00 pm shall be accredited”.

“In the proposed amendment to the Electoral Act,” according to Basiru, “the accreditation process shall comprise of the verification of voters using the Card Reader and Register of Voters.”

The bill further provides that “where the votes cast at an election in any polling unit exceeds the number of accredited voters on the voters’ register and card reader in any polling unit, the result of the election in that polling unit shall be declared void and another election conducted where the result at that polling unit may affect the overall result in the constituency”.



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